SURPRISE! Liberal Claims of Republican Extremism Are TOTAL GARBAGE

How many times in the last few years have you heard a liberal say Reagan could never be elected by today’s Republicans? The truth is the exact opposite.

The truth is that JFK would be considered a conservative by today’s Democrats.

A new study cited by The American Interest confirms it:


Study: Democrats Moving Left Faster Than Republicans Moving Right

At least since the 2010 midterms, it’s been a liberal talking point that Republican extremism is to blame for political polarization and gridlock. In the old days, the argument goes, Republicans were a moderate party, but over the past generation the GOP has been gradually taken over by its far-right wing. Before the last GOP debate, for example, the Center for American Progress launched a “Right of Reagan” campaign to supposedly show “how the extremism of today’s Republican presidential candidates sets them apart from their conservative idol.”

But as the debates over issues like the $15 minimum wage, healthcare, and universal preschool have already shown, the Democrats have moved to the left at least as quickly as the Republicans have moved to the right. After all, Hillary Clinton has to renounce a good chunk of her husband’s positions to be competitive in the 2016 primary.

In 2008, Democrats would froth at the mouth if you called Obama a socialist. Now they’re rallying around one.

The same segment of the Democratic Party which helped elect Obama in 2008 and 2012 isn’t supporting Hillary Clinton.

They want Bernie Sanders.

When you’re that far left on the political scale, even the center looks right wing.


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