Stunning. Obama Admits He Knew His Afghan Policy Would Fail – “Much of This Was Predictable”

Obama never wanted to win the War in Afghanistan.
He just wanted to leave.

And he didn’t care what would happen to the people of Afghanistan.

One year ago Barack Obama announced that he would withdrawal troops from Afghanistan.

The 32,000 US soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan would come home.

Now this…
Barack Obama admitted this month that he knew his Afghanistan policy would fail when he announced plans to keep US forces in country beyond this year.

“The Taliban has made gains particularly in rural areas and can still launch deadly attacks in Kabul. This was predictable. We understood that as we transitioned that the Taliban would try to exploit our movements out of particular areas and that it would take time for Afghan security forces to strengthen. The bottom line is in key areas of the country the security situation is still very fragile.

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