St. Louis Coffee Shop in Hot Water After Writing ‘FTP’ (F*ck the Police) on To-Go Cups

A radical St. Louis coffee shop is getting negative publicity over the initials ‘FTP’ being written on coffee cups. FTP stands for F*** the Police. Mokabe’s Coffeehouse made a snarky announcement on Twitter claiming it has placed an employee on ‘paid leave’ over the matter.

“We are aware of the situation involving an employee writing on our cups. We are addressing the situation.

“Per our policy he is on paid leave pending an investigation. B/C we take cup graffiti as seriously as the police take police murder.”

The FTP message first came to the public’s attention via a tweet by St. Louis Black Lives Matter activist “[email protected]_invent_ED” on Twitter who posted a photo on Tuesday.


“When you realize why bae is bae @jcos24 and why @MoKaBes is your favorite place. FTP on all to-go orders”

A man claiming to be the suspended employee posted about it on Twitter.

“Starting my paid leave after work tonight. To say I am contrite would do no justice… Just like the police”

Last November Mokabe’s caused controversy by announcing it would open its door and serve as a ‘safe space’ for anti-police protesters when the grand jury decision was announced in the Officer Darren Wilson-Michael Brown case according to a report by the Riverfront Times.

Police were accused of teargassing Mokabe’s during the post-grand jury riots.

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