Vice President Joe Biden is likely to enter the 2016 race for president according to sources, FOX 5 NY is reporting. If it’s true, this will drastically change the landscape of the Democratic primary.

Here’s the report:

FOX sources: Biden to announce presidential run

Sources tell FOX News Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry that Vice President Joe Biden will enter the presidential race.

There has been heavy speculation that Biden would run for the Democratic nomination. It was unclear, however, if he would be willing to endure the campaign trail following the death of his son earlier this year.

We recently reported that there are rumors that the Obamas don’t want the Clintons to win.


If Biden enters the race, Obama would likely throw his support behind his VP, not Clinton.

Kevin D. Williamson of National Review explains why:

Using Biden to Block the Clintons from Regaining the White House

The problem is that there is no one in the field to swoop in and lead the Democrats to victory in 2016. Obama has a personnel problem.

And that’s where Joe Biden comes in. Biden is the Obama guy who isn’t really an Obama guy — he was elected to the U.S. Senate when Barack Obama was eleven years old. He had a life and a political career before he hitched his wagon to the teapot messiah from Chicago, and though his is not the keenest mind in politics, he surely gets the game: If he gets in, he is to be reduced to a purely instrumental condition, an enabler of Obama’s last and most important political play, a placeholder keeping the chair warm until Obama’s people have settled on a real president.

In other words, Biden would be a placeholder until the Democrats’ next Obama comes along.

If Biden does get in, things on the left will get real ugly, real fast.

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