SICK. Parents Sic 10 Black Children on Female Bicyclist – Beat Her to a Pulp (Video)

Parents of the year–
A female bicyclist was reportedly beaten to the ground near Benton Park in St. Louis on Saturday night.
bike rider

The woman said a black man told ten children to “get” the victim.
The children knocked her off her bike and beat her up.

Historic Benton Park was established in St. Louis city in 1866.


KMOV reported:

Officers with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department are investigating a report of an attack in the city’s Benton Park neighborhood.

Police said a 35-year-old woman was riding her bicycle near the area of Missouri Street and Wyoming Street close to Benton Park’s playground around 7:30 Saturday evening when a group of young children approached her. The woman told police there were between five and 10 children under the age of 10. They were reportedly with a man and woman in their twenties.

The male suspect then reportedly yelled to the group of children to “get” the victim. The victim then felt someone push her from her bicycle, causing her to fall to the ground, police said. The woman then was struck multiple times by the children, according to a St. Louis police incident report. The children then fled the scene with the two adults.

Police arrived on the scene and found the woman with multiple lacerations on her body. The woman, who reportedly smelled of alcohol, refused medical treatment.

Many people who frequent the park told News 4 the alleged attack will not deter them from visiting the park or walking around the neighborhood.

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