SICK: ISIS Uses Drone to Film Public Beheading in Anbar

ISIS used a drone to get a better view of a public beheading.
isis drone

The victim reportedly insulted Allah.
So they cut his head off in public.

The IBTimes reported:


The Sunni terror group, Islamic State (Isis), has released a new execution video shot using a camera mounted drone showing the brutal beheading of an Iraqi man in Anbar province.

The man was sentenced to death by beheading for the crime of “insulting Allah”, reports said.

The professionally-edited high-quality video is believed to have been shot in Ramadi, an Isis stronghold and the provincial capital of Anbar. It shows a young man believed to his early 20s being brought to a town square. He is blindfolded and is seen wearing red pyjamas and a white tee-shirt.

The drone then hovers close to the victim as he bends down and puts his head on a wooden plank, while the executioner moves in with a huge sword, ready for the beheading.

In the meantime, in the background a Sharia judge is heard reading out the sentencing while a small group of shocked onlookers gather to watch the gruesome event. The drone slowly starts to ascend higher and higher as the executioner raises his sword to decapitate his victim. The last image is that of the victim lying dead in a pool of blood.

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