SHOCKER: Matt Damon DROOLS Over Obama And Hillary Clinton in Interview

When Matt Damon isn’t busy sucking as an actor, he sucks up to liberals like Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Damon was practically salivating over his affection and love for Obama.

Read the nonsense here:


But talking to THR, he gushed, “We talked about it, and look, even when I was giving him shit, he’s somebody who thinks so deeply about everything he does.” The movie star added, “I don’t ever question that it’s coming from the right place with him. He’s a remarkable human being and shockingly easy to be around. He’s incredibly approachable and doesn’t beat you up with his station, though he could.”

Damon is also a fan of Hillary Clinton:

He says he supports Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side: “I love Elizabeth Warren, but she’s not running for president.” He also likes Joseph Biden and Bernie Sanders and wavers when pressed to choose among them, before coming down for Clinton. “I’m supporting Hillary,” he affirms, noting she’s the only candidate to whom he has given money this go-around.

Excuse us while we barf now.

Image Source via Twitter:

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