Seattle Gun Control Rally Disguised as Gun Safety Event is a TOTAL FAIL (VIDEO)

Left wing activists in Seattle held a gun control rally disguised as a gun safety event this weekend. Around 40 people showed up, including media and children who came with their parents.

It appears most people knew the agenda was anti-gun beforehand.

Dave Workman reported at The Examiner:


Seattle ‘gun safety’ rally is really about gun control, say activists

KIRO is reporting that this afternoon in downtown Seattle, a group of “gun safety advocates” is holding a rally starting at 3 p.m. at Westlake Park, with Trudi Inslee, wife of Gov. Jay Inslee, as a speaker, along with Alorie Gilbert with Moms Demand Action.

Second Amendment rights activists only learned of the event this morning and are calling this what it really is, a gun control event. One reader responding this morning to the KIRO story noted, “I think that to say this rally is not anti-gun is kind of disingenuous. And if this is really about gun safety then we should be hearing a proposal to have gun safety taught in schools. But we won’t.”…

If this were a safety event, there would be NRA-certified firearms instructors, hunter education instructors and people teaching the safe handling of firearms, not trying to ban them.

Here’s a video from the event:

Impressive, huh?


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