Reporter: HUGE Trump Rally in Sioux City Sets ‘Gold Standard’ for Presidential Campaigns

The polls may show support in Iowa slipping for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, but Tuesday night in Sioux City Trump set the “gold standard” for presidential campaign rally attendance according to a local reporter with an enthusiastic crowd of 2,200 (updated to near capacity of 2,375). Attendance for other candidates in Sioux City has been in the low hundreds.

Donald Trump Sioux City Jan George
Donald Trump at West High School in Sioux City Iowa, photo by Jan George via Twiiter.

Sioux City Journal reporter Bret Hayworth made the ‘gold standard’ observation from the rally site of West High School on Twitter when the early crowd estimate was just 1,250.


“Several @IowaGOP candidates in Sioux City this year have drawn 200-plus crowds. This Trump event with 1,250 is new gold standard. #iacaucus”

[email protected] crowd count at Sioux City west High is 1,250. Can hold 2,500 in gym venue. Music blasting, crowd energized. #iacaucus @SCJ”

Omaha World Herald reporter Robynn Tysver said on Twitter the fire marshal estimated the crowd at 2,100 with more on their way in the room.

“Sioux City Fire Marshal says there’s a little over 2,100 people in the audience for Trump, and they’re continuing to come in.”

Hayworth later put the crowd at 2,200.

[email protected] tells 2,200 in Sioux City school: “I’ve gotten to the point that I have to be braggadocious.” @SCJ #iacaucus”

Hayworth also noted the protesters outside the Trump rally numbered around 650 which would be about half the number that was expected to turn out for the pro-illegal immigration protest.

UPDATE: Latest crowd number from the fire marshall is 2,375 from Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson.

“Fire marshal’s crowd count at Donald Trump’s rally in Sioux City tonight: 2,375.”

Johnson also posted a photo from one of the rally’s more emotional moments.

“Donald Trump leaves the stage to take a question from a wounded warrior named Todd.”

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