REPORT: The US Navy is Teaching Members About MALE PRIVILEGE

No segment of American culture is safe from progressive policies anymore, not even the United States Navy. According to a report from the Social Memo blog, the Navy is teaching male privilege:

US Navy Now Teaching Members about “Male Privilege;” Says Buying Truck is Example of Privilege

The US Navy’s Bureau of Medicine & Surgery is now teaching its members about the dangers of “male privilege,” giving examples of ways that men use such privilege to get what they want.

The document outlining “male privilege” can be found on the US Navy’s Bureau of Medicine & Surgery’s official page and was first reported by the Social Memo.

It details, “common phrases victims use when describing their abuse,” which includes “male privilege.”

Here is one of the statements that “victims” of male privilege included by the Navy:

“When he came home yesterday, he was driving a brand new truck. I told him we needed something the whole family could fit in, but he didn’t listen to me.”

The report includes a graphic which comes from a Navy website:

How does this help members of the military do their jobs?



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