Report: Hillary Clinton Signed ‘Hillary Nutcracker’ at Democrats’ Iowa Dinner

Leading Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, along with her husband former President Bill Clinton, autographed a ‘Hillary Clinton nutcracker’ carried by a supporter at the Democratic Party of Iowa’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Des Moines Saturday night.

The Clintons autographing the nutcracker was reported on Twitter by ABC News reporter Liz Kreutz.

“A woman on the rope line here had both Bill and Hillary Clinton sign her “Hillary Clinton nutcracker.” (They did.)”


Hillary Clinton Nutcracker
Image via Amazon.

Calling a woman a ‘nutcracker’ is a sexist pejorative used to imply a woman is domineering of men to the point of castrating them psychologically.

Hillary Trump Nutcracker
Image via

Without a photo it was not apparent whether the Clintons signed an older Hillary nutcracker or the new 2016 version.

Hillary Clinton Nutcracker 2016 Official

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