Report: French Train Hero Spencer Stone Was Cheered on Stage Moments Before His Stabbing

French Train Hero Spencer Stone “Repeatedly Stabbed” Wednesday Night in Sacramento.

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Scarlatos spoke to reporters in AUgust after taking out the Islamic terrorist in the train from Belgium to France.
heroes spencer stone
U.S. Heroes speak with reporters in August after saving train passengers from Islamist terrorist.

Police said Thursday they were looking for TWO ASIAN MEN who are suspects in the stabbing.



Spencer Stone was brought up on stage and cheered moments before he was stabbed in the street.
The Sacramento Bee reported:

Doctors upgraded Stone’s condition from serious to fair on Friday after surgery on three stab wounds.

Stone, 23, made international headlines two months ago when he and Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler, boyhood friends from Sacramento, tackled and subdued a would-be terrorist on a Paris-bound train. The man was armed with an AK-47, a Luger pistol and a box cutter. Stone suffered cuts to the neck and a deep wound on a thumb in that incident.

Thursday morning’s stabbing happened just minutes after Stone had been cheered and feted by a crowd of well-wishers at the Badlands nightclub, Ron Scharffer, Badlands promotions and media director, told The Sacramento Bee. The alleged assailants were not in the club that night, Scharffer said.

A promoter at the club introduced Spencer to the club DJ, who also is in the military. “They pulled him up onstage and introduced him to the crowd, and the crowd was cheering,” Scharffer said. “After he got on stage, everybody wanted to talk to him. The whole club was cheering.”

“According to staff, he had a couple of drinks with friends – nothing too much,” Scharffer added. At that point his group left the club, the doorman saw him leave. Nothing transpired within the club.”

What happened outside on the block remains uncertain.

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