Pro-Illegal Latinos Plan Large Protest after Petition Fails to Stop Trump Speech in Sioux City

Leftist Latino activists are trying to silence Donald Trump over his strong stand against illegal immigration.

Around 1,200 leftist Latino activists and pro-illegal immigration supporters are expected to protest Donald Trump’s campaign appearance 6 p.m. Tuesday at a Sioux City, Iowa high school over his comments about illegal immigration, while on a national scale leftists and pro-illegal immigration Latino groups are pressuring NBC to cancel Trump’s scheduled November 7 guest-host appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The protest follows a MoveOn petition that has drawn over 1,400 signatures calling on the Sioux City Community School District to cancel Trump’s appearance at West High School because it may cause ‘bullying’ of Latino students.


The petition and protest, which has received over 1,200 RSVPs on Facebook, were started by 2012 West High graduate Francisco Valadez and his uncle Ismael Valadez and their pro-illegal immigration group DREAM Iowa, reported KTIV-TV.

KMEG-TV reported on Francisco Valadez’s comments about Trump’s appearance.

“”There’s like slurs and comments going on before the event has even started regarding the event that’s going to happen with him here,” said Francisco Valadez, peaceful protester. “That’s what we’re trying to avoid. We’re afraid that after the event is going to be worse and there’s going to be a lot more bullying going on.””

The petition’s demand was rejected. The school district issued a statement that the school has a history of being used by presidential candidates for events and that Trump’s speech fell within school district guidelines.

At a school board meeting Monday night one West High student broke into tears over her fears of Trump appearing at her school, reported the Sioux City Journal.

“With tears in her eyes, West High School senior Sonia Rodriguez told the Sioux City school board Monday that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s planned campaign stop at the school Tuesday night is harmful to the student body.

“She said since the event was announced last week, she has felt a division between those who support the controversial candidate and those who have been personally offended and affected by his comments.”

…””Honestly, this day, of all my four years at West High, I have never been so bullied and I feel like it is dividing our school,” Rodriguez said. “To bring someone like him to our school is basically dividing us, and we honestly don’t feel comfortable with this man coming to our school.””

The Lincoln Journal Star quoted another organizer of the protest.

“”Hector Salamanca, advocacy chair with DREAM Iowa, said Trump should not speak in any Iowa school.

““What’s even more disturbing is the fact that a man like Donald Trump is being invited into a school with such a diverse student body as West High. The school is 44 percent minority and 29 percent Latino. Letting Trump roam these young people’s halls, spreading his vicious lies and hate, is deeply disturbing,” Salamanca said.”

Fed-up Trump supporters have clashed with pro-illegal immigration protesters who have infiltrated and disrupted Trump speeches in Richmond, Virginia and Miami, Florida. Low-grade violence broke out at those events between the protesters and some Trump supporters prompting the protesters to be ejected from the rallies by organizers and police.

DREAM Iowa has said their protest will be a silent one held outside the school.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the campaign to silence Trump on Saturday Night Live.

“”We are appalled that you would enable Trump’s hateful speech for nothing [more] than a ratings ploy,” the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, a coalition of 40 civil rights and policy organizations, said in a letter to “SNL” executive producer Lorne Michaels and NBCUniversal Chief Executive Stephen Burke.

“A social media campaign called #RacismIsntFunny has drawn support from celebrities including John Leguizamo, Margaret Cho and Al Madrigal, and petitions on and have gathered 370,000 signatures protesting the Trump appearance.

“”There’s no question that this issue has struck a nerve in the Latino community and beyond, and there is growing energy and intensity,” said Janet Murguía, president of the National Council of La Raza, a Latino advocacy organization.”

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