POLL: Majority Of Democrats Want America To BECOME MORE LIKE SWEDEN OR DENMARK

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When President Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform America,” he wasn’t kidding. In a new poll out today, it turns out the majority of Democrats want to change the country as well.

MRCTV reports:

YouGov polled 1,000 Americans from Oct. 20-21 about their views on America in comparison to other countries.

Asked, “Do you think that the United States should become more like Scandinavian countries like Denmark or Sweden?” 23 percent of Democrats said “definitely” and 30 percent responded “probably.” In total, 53 percent of Democrats responded they believe America should be more like Scandinavian countries while 27 percent were not sure.

The poll showed only 19 percent believed America should “probably not” (12 percent) or “definitely not” (7 percent) become like Scandinavia.

When the question was, “Do you think that the United States should become more like other English speaking countries like Canada, the UK or Australia?” 15 percent of Democrats responded “definitely” while 39 percent replied “probably.” A combined 54 percent of Democrats responded they feel America should be more like other English-speaking countries.

Leave it to Democrats to want America to become a different country.

Image: (MRCTV)

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