POLITICO Drools Over Hillary Clinton’s FEMALE PRESS CORPS


The mainstream media is fawning over Hillary Clinton once again.

This time around, POLITICO credits Hillary’s campaign with attracting a practically all-female press corps, like it’s some sort of accomplishment.

In a gushing profile on Monday, Politico’s Hadas Gold touted: “At least 18 national media outlets have female reporters on the Clinton beat….No one can remember a political press corps this heavily female.” She proclaimed: “The change seems to be a combination of more women doing political reporting in general, and many more being drawn to Clinton’s potentially historic candidacy.”

Gold then assured readers: “It hasn’t brought Clinton more positive coverage,” but that, “reporters and press aides alike note that there’s a different vibe nonetheless, punctuated by occasional expressions by the candidate herself of camaraderie for fellow pioneers.”

Excuse us while we puke.


Image: (Newsbusters)

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