OF COURSE: Liberal Actress Julianne Moore is Starting A GUN CONTROL GROUP

julianne moore

Hollywood leftist and Oscar winning actress Julianne Moore is launching a gun control group. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

Right Wing News reports via Breitbart:

On October 13, People magazine reported that actress Julianne Moore launched a gun control group under the auspices of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, then began calling fellow actors and actresses and entreating them to join the group.

The name of Moore’s group is Everytown Creative Council, and it shares an internet address with Bloomberg’s other gun control groups.

According to People magazine, Moore decided to launch the gun control group because of the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. Ironically, the group’s main push will be to secure background checks–the very background checks which were already in place in Connecticut but did not stop Adam Lanza from carrying out his heinous attack on Sandy Hook children and adults.

Please Julianne, could you just stick to what you’re good at?


Image: (NDTVIMG)

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