While some public schools in America are refusing to celebrate Halloween for various stupid reasons, President Obama is calling on them to celebrate Undocumented Immigrants Awareness Day.

Ed Straker reports at American Thinker:

Obama proposes schools celebrate ‘undocumented immigrant awareness day’

Warning: This isn’t an article from The Onion. Obama’s Department of Education is proposing that schools spend a week celebrating illegal aliens, including an “undocumented immigrant awareness day.” Can “Celebrate Destruction of America Day” be far behind?

The document, which was released on Tuesday, also urges schools to provide welcoming environments for illegal alien students by hosting events such as “Undocumented Week.”

The guide also provides tips for schools and educators on how to support illegal alien youth who are in high school and college. It also provides information for non-citizens on how to access federal financial aid[.]

The guide also urges schools to create welcoming environments for such students.

Suggestions for how to support the students including hosting “an undocumented immigrant awareness day.”

You couldn’t make this stuff up.



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