Obama Defends #BLACKLIVESMATTER And Says They Must Be Taken Seriously (VIDEO)

If you don’t remember Obama saying something like this about the Tea Party, it’s because he didn’t. In this case however, he’s very concerned about civil rights.

Kelly Cohen of the Washington Examiner:

Obama on #BLM: People ‘have to take it seriously’

President Obama said Thursday that the Black Lives Matter movement has helped to highlight legitimate issues black people are facing in the U.S., and that Americans “have to take it seriously.”

“The African American community’s not just making this up. It’s not just something being politicized. It’s incumbent on people to realize that. And it’s incumbent on activists to take seriously the job police have,” Obama said about the movement.

Obama also stressed that despite efforts to paint it that way, the Black Lives Matter movement is not opposed to law enforcement and is not inciting violence against law enforcement. Instead, it’s a movement raising “legitimate” concerns about how black communities are being treated by everyone from police to fellow Americans.

Here’s a video of Obama’s remarks from the Associated Press:


Has Obama ever said anything like this about black on black crime in places like Chicago?

Isn’t it strange how we’re three years into Obama’s second term and this is just coming up now?


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