Obama Claims He Rejects Narrative of ‘Us and Them’ Between Police and Communities (VIDEO)

Obama police chiefs

The uniter in chief is back to lecture America about policies he and his party have lived by for years.

Speaking to a conference of police chiefs in Chicago today, Obama said that he rejects a narrative of “us and them” between police and the communities they serve.

Bear in mind that Obama defended the Black Lives Matter movement just last week.


USA Today has the story:

Police officers too often ‘scapegoated’ for problems in society, Obama says

President Obama told a gathering of police chiefs in Chicago Tuesday that they can reduce violent crime while also being more sensitive to minority communities.

“I reject any narrative that seeks to divide police and communities that they serve. I reject a storyline that says when it comes to public safety there’s an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ — a narrative that too often gets served up to us by news stations seeking ratings, or tweets seeking retweets, or political candidates seeking some attention,” Obama told the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Obama said police officers have helped make America safer, “and that’s something for which every American should be proud.” But he also called for “a serious and robust debate over fairness in law enforcement, over our broader criminal justice system when it comes particularly to communities of color.”

Here’s the video:

Obama knows all about ‘us and them’ when it comes to politics. He’s spent the last seven years turning the entire country into us and them.


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