Suspect Sought After Carjacking 74 Year-Old Woman and Tossing Her in River

How barbaric.
A 74 year-old woman was rescued from the Genesee River after a robbery attempt became a carjacking and kidnapping.
woman river

The suspect pushed the woman into the river before fleeing on foot.

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward leading to the arrest of the criminal.


The suspect is a a black male about 5-feet-7-inches wearing a blue hoodie and black pants and carrying a black handgun.

TWC News reported:

A woman was rescued from the Genesee River on Wednesday afternoon after an apparent robbery attempt in Gates that became a carjacking and kidnapping.

Police said a 74-year-old woman was pulled from the river around 2 p.m. near Flint Street. She was rescued and police described her injuries as minor.

Police said her car, a grey sedan, was spotted by passersby hanging close to the edge of the water.

According to police, a man tried to rob a real estate agency on Chili Avenue just before 1 p.m., pulling a black handgun inside Stefanou Realty. He then fled on foot, and encountered the woman in her driveway.

Police say the man stole the car, kidnapped the woman and drove into the city of Rochester, apparently driving the car down the canal path. Police said before the suspect ran off, he pushed the woman into the water.

“When you see stuff like this, to me, as a veteran police officer, shows that a lot of times these are people who are desperate, these are people who have some sort of addiction problems, they’re not thinking straight and they take incredible risks like this and put people in jeopardy,” said Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode.

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