New Daily Show Host in RATINGS NOSEDIVE

Since the departure of Jon Stewart and the program’s relaunch with host Trevor Noah, the Daily Show has suffered a significant drop in ratings.

John Nolte of Breitbart reports:

Trevor Noah’s Ratings Collapse; Down -59% With Teens

Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show” ratings are much more amusing than Trevor Noah. Jon Stewart never had very good ratings. With fewer than 1% of America very tuning in, because they could use him as a bludgeon against the political right, the media turned Stewart into a Potemkin Phenom. Noah’s glaring lack of talent, charm and intelligence has driven his debut ratings even lower.

Despite all the free hype from every corner of the left-wing national media, Noah bombed during his first week with an average of just 1.02 million viewers. That’s down a breathtaking -33% from this same time last year. And at this same time last year we were not in the middle of a historic presidential election delivering all-time high cable news ratings during the debates.

The best news is that young people have abandoned the show in droves. Among teens, the “Daily Show” ratings are down an incredible -59%, from 56k average viewers to just 23k.

Don’t expect the show to change in any way.


They’ll keep pushing left wing politics no matter how many people aren’t watching.


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