New York City’s Homeless Problem Has Gotten WORSE Under Progressive Mayor de Blasio

De Blasio

If progressives are such caring humanitarians, why has the problem of homelessness gotten worse under a progressive mayor? Even the liberal New York Times has noticed.

They published this report today:

Despite Vow, Mayor de Blasio Struggles to Curb Homelessness

By one key measure after another, homelessness in New York City has worsened over the last two years.

The number of people entering city shelters has increased under Mayor Bill de Blasio, and when they enter the system, people are staying longer, striking markers of a crisis that has forced its way to the top of the mayor’s agenda.

As of Thursday, 57,448 people — more than 40 percent of them children — were sleeping in shelters overseen by the Department of Homeless Services, and organizations that aid homeless people are worried that in the coming months, as cold weather sets in, the numbers will return to the record high of December, when the peak was 59,068.

In the most recent annual accounting by the homeless services agency, the length of stay in shelters rose. Single adults stayed an average of about 11 months, or 24 days longer than in the previous fiscal year. Families without children stayed an average of nearly 18 months, up 19 days, and families with children stayed an average of just over 14 months, up by three days.

Can anyone on the left explain this?



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