New Evil Villain in Marvel Comics’ Captain America Series=> Conservatives!

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The MacIver Institute posted a video on the new ideological trend of Marvel Comic’s Captain America series in which the new Diversity Hero radical beats up on Conservatives.

A video capture of one of the comic panels sums up how truth is the new hate speech in which the heroes are terrorists and terrorists are heroes (welcome to the land of PC Moonbat Liberalism).


Conservatives-the-new-Marvel-villainThe video below (YouTube link here hat tip RightScoop) explains the following:

“Marvel decided to make some strong ideological statements on some hot political topics. The new villains in this comic are conservatives, who are portrayed as a right-wing terrorist group called the Sons of the Serpents. They stop a group of immigrants trying to cross the border who they accuse of invading a sovereign land to spread disease and crime, take American jobs, and collect welfare. Then Captain America comes and beats them up.”

The video goes on to explain that those who oppose Captain America’s ideals are UN-AMERICAN… after all… what could be more American than Communism, Tyranny, and Statism according to Marvel Comics who is now owned by Disney, who also controls ABC and ESPN… which says volumes about whose ideology is being pushed.

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