NBC Launching Series About ABORTION BARBIE Wendy Davis

wendy davis

You may remember failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis as the pro-abortion cheerleader who paraded her stance on late-term abortion like it was Nobel Peace Prize.

Since Davis is the darling of the left, it’s only natural that she would become the subject of a new TV show:

Of course, don’t expect the Hollywood elites over at NBC to actually tell the truth about Davis and how she completely mis-characterized and exaggerated her life thus far just to gain votes from the abortion crowd and Texas residents who fell for the phony ‘rags-to-riches’ story she told.

These are the lies that NBC will continue to perpetuate in this new show:


When Davis was campaigning, she touted how she practically did not know anything other than a trailer in Texas. Except, that’s a total lie. Dallas Morning News Reporter Wayne Slater exposed just about all of Davis’ lies including this one. He factually reported how Davis only lived in a family-owned trailer for a few months, then she was moved into an apartment.


Yet again another lie told by Davis and practically covered up by the Associated Press. Davis first claimed that her mother dropped out of school in the 6th grade, just to add to the ‘Look, I came from nothing’ narrative of her campaign. However, this was proven false when it was exposed that her mother attended Muleshoe High School and was seen in a photo in a yearbook as a Sophomore. Later, Davis changed the story and said her mother was a 9th grade dropout.


Perhaps the biggest lie of Davis’ political career is the fact that she pushed a narrative that she was some sort of struggling paycheck to paycheck teen mom with no one to help her. This is a lie if there ever was one. Bottom line is that Davis first said she was divorced at age 19. That’s the first lie. Turned out, she got divorced at 21 years-old. Then, she touted the notion that she went to college and Harvard Law School “through community resources.” This is the second lie. Davis’ second husband paid for her final two years of college. And her second husband also took out a 10-year loan to put Davis through the best law school in the country.

What do you think of NBC’s idea?

Image: (CommDigInNews)

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