NASA’s Photo of India-Pakistan Border Fence at Night Goes Viral

NASA posted a photo Sunday of the Indian Border fence lit up at night.
india border lights
NASA – Earth Observatory

The border fence photo posted on their Facebook page had over 50,000 likes and was shared 9,000 times.

India is allowed to have a border with Pakistan and it’s not racist.

The lights from the Indian border fence light up the sky at night and can be seen from space.
NDTV reported:

NASA posted a photo of the border between India and Pakistan as seen from outer space on Facebook on Sunday. The photo was taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station and shows the familiar outline of the north-western segment of India picked out in glowing lights.

The astronaut who took the photo was “looking north across Pakistan’s Indus River valley.” The thread of orange that separates the two countries is lit by security lights that glow orange. The brightest spot visible is Karachi which faces the Arabian Sea. The Indus Valley is also dotted with lights.

This is one of the few international boundaries visible after dark. The Facebook post has been liked almost 50,000 times and has nearly 9,000 shares.

According to Nasa, “More than two millennia ago, Alexander the Great entered the Indus plains in 327 BCE from the northwest. He then spent many months leading his army and navy down the length of the Indus valley shown in this view. From near Karachi, he then began the desert march back to Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). By contrast, it takes the space station just three minutes to travel this distance”.

The image is no longer listed on the NASA Facebook page.

NASA posted a similar photo in 2011.
india pakistan night border 2011

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