Must See Video=> Progressivism Is New Puritanism – Conservatism Is New Counter-Culture

Scratch a liberal – Find a Fascist

Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism is the new puritanism.
grandma silence st louis tape
(Orthodoxy Today)

tolerant liberals

From e-cigarettes to sex classifieds, the once transgressive left continues to criminalize fun.
progressive puritanism


Throughout history society has persecuted, maligned and silenced truth-tellers. Those who dare to challenge the consensus and face oppression from the state.

Somehow we’ve been browbeaten into thinking that challenging the progressive consensus on any issue will leave us estranged, alienated and miserable.

Fortunately, contrarianism is becoming popular once again.

Listen to Paul Joseph Watson explain the progressive onslaught on your liberty and freedom.

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