Muslim Dad Kills 4 Year-Old Daughter for Not Covering Her Head

Untitled.pngjafar hussain
The accused, Jafar Hussain, allegedly killed his daughter for failing to cover her head, in UP. (HT Photo)

Muslim Jafar Hussain killed his four year-old daughter for not covering her head at the dinner table.
The Kolkata Post reported:

A man named Jafar Hussain allegedly killed his 4-year-old daughter for not covering her head, while she was having food. The little girl has been identified as Farheen.

According to the reports, on Friday the girl was having lunch with her mother. Soon her father noticed that she didn’t cover her head with the dupatta. He repeatedly told his wife to cover little girl’s head, but the dupatta always slip off. An angry Jafar Hussain picked the girl up and threw her on the ground killing her on the spot.

After the girl died, he told his wife to bury her inside the house, but she refused and informed police about the incident.

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