Media Pushes New WHO Report Which Claims BACON CAUSES CANCER (VIDEOS)

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The World Health Organization released a report yesterday which suggested that bacon and other processed meats cause cancer. They actually suggest meat is as dangerous as smoking.

Two weeks ago, the federal government took bacon off the menu in the prison system. Now the public is being told bacon causes cancer. Are you sensing a pattern here?

First question: Is this really about health, or is it about multiculturalism, environmentalism or some other leftist cause?


Second question: Is the White House kitchen going to stop serving bacon based on this report?

Here are the basics of the WHO report via CNN:

Processed meat causes cancer, says WHO

The World Health Organization said Monday that eating processed meat such as sausages and ham causes cancer, while unprocessed red meat may also be carcinogenic.

The WHO’s cancer research unit now classifies processed meat as “carcinogenic to humans” based on evidence from hundreds of studies, and linked it specifically to colon, or colorectal, cancer.The report outlined that simply eating 50 grams of processed meat each day — the equivalent of two slices of ham — can increase the risk of such cancer by 18%. However, the authors say the risks are relatively small to begin with.

The organization defines processed meat as any type of meat that is salted, cured or smoked to enhance its flavor or preserve it. Processed meat generally contains pork or beef, but may also contain poultry.

The WHO now classifies processed meat in the same category as smoking and asbestos, based on its certainty of a link with cancer, but stressed that did not mean they were equally dangerous.

The mainstream media is pushing this report. Hard.

Here are nine video reports from the last 24 hours:

The Associated Press

The Associated Press

ABC News

NBC News





Even FOX News covered it although, it was Shep Smith.

Can you imagine the media putting that much effort into covering the Planned Parenthood videos?


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