‘Massive Crowd’ for Socialist Bernie Sanders in Boston

Well over 20,000 people turned out for a campaign rally Saturday evening by independent socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who is running for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

Locals reports state the crowd inside the Boston Convention Center was around 20,000 with several thousand in an overflow room and thousands more outside who couldn’t get in but hoped for an appearance by Sanders–a hope Sanders later fulfilled.



“Sanders tells massive Boston crowd to look around room, “we have something they dont have…I don’t need a super [email protected]

“This is the overflow crowd outside of Sanders’ Boston event – they’re waiting for him to come say hi”

“#berniesanders speaking passionately outside his event to people who couldn’t get in #boston #news #7news”

The Boston Globe reported this was the third largest crowd Sanders had addressed during his presidential campaign. Crowds of nearly thirty thousand turned out for Sanders at rallies in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon this past summer.

In contrast, Sanders’ chief rival Hillary Clinton is having trouble filling community college gymnasiums, as evidenced from an appearance in Davie, Florida on Friday.

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