LOL: The Onion Mocks Hillary Clinton ‘I AM FUN’

hillary the onion

Hillary Clinton’s attempt to let her hair down has backfired because everyone can see how totally contrived it is.

And now the Onion is mocking her in a new op-ed that’s jokingly signed by the nominee herself:

I am fun.

I enjoy fun. I both have fun and can be fun. Fun is a word that accurately describes me and a large quantity of things of which I am fond. I appreciate fun when I encounter it, and I have even been known to partake in activities that produce fun for myself and others. Fun is something I often have when amongst a group of people. In such situations, I am capable of amusing others and, in turn, of being amused by them.

Thus, I am a fun person.

Nice try Hillary, but we all know you’re boring as hell.


Image: (The Hill)

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