Liberal Open Border Policy Is Creating Permanent Democrat Party Super Majority

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The Conservative Review argued in an article last week that the current group of Democratic Presidential candidates who champion illegal immigration, transgender privilege and the Muslim Brotherhood, would be unelectable in prior years. Yet, today the odds of one of these characters winning the presidency is surprisingly high.

immigrants finger  

The reason is that the government supported open border immigration policy has helped Democrats gain popular support of close to 50% of the electorate.


** The US will add “One Los Angeles” every three years if the current rate of mass migration continues.

Under the current trajectory, Democrats will easily cross that critical 51% marker and hold permanent electoral majority very soon.

Here are the shocking statistics:

    • Over the past 18 years, the U.S. has admitted over roughly 700,000-800,000 citizens into our voting population every year, with a few years reaching 1 million.
    • Between 1989-2013, the U.S. has admitted 25.3 million legal permanent residents.
    • According to a 2012 survey, current immigrants favor Democrats over Republicans by almost 4-1.

This was also confirmed by the GWP in a statistical review of 2012 census data of Congressional Districts showing Americans who were born in the US (46% ) and those who consider themselves as native born (45% ) correlate highly with Republican led districts.   Individuals who were foreign born (46% ) highly correlated with Democratic led districts.

  • A number of critical states have doubled or tripled their immigrant population over the past few decades, which in turn has helped Democrats create a “blue firewall” in the Electoral College.


Now you see why it is critical to stop the open borders policy of allowing anyone to come into the US in order to save the country from liberal insanity.


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