JOURNALISM: Reporter Asks Bernie Sanders How Many Pairs Of Underwear He Owns (VIDEO)

Reporters love to gush over Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. It’s almost as if they forget that their job is to question everything the candidates do and say.

After SNL joked about how many pairs of underwear Sanders owned, reporters in Iowa actually took time to ask Sanders the question. Take a look at the conservation:

The Vermont Independent told reporters outside a fundraiser in Iowa City, Iowa, that he does in fact own two pairs of underwear, having just bought his second pair last week, quipping:

“That’s a joke. Joke, joke, joke. I have an ample supply of underwear.”

He continued with his response to the “serious question” at hand, telling the reporters:

“When I was mayor of the city of Burlington I think I did have one suit. But now as a United States senator I have increased my supply of suits, as well.”

Watch the video:


Wow, that’s some hard-hitting journalism right there.


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