Jeb Bush TV Ad: “With All Due Respect to This President…” (Video)

For seven years Barack Obama has been telling conservatives to kiss it.
** The Obama IRS targeted conservative groups and donors.
** Obama’s Homeland Security warned law enforcement about Tea Party activists with Gadsden Flags.
** Obama repeatedly lied to America about his disastrous healthcare plan.
** Obama sat with made conversation with evil dictators while demonizing patriotic Americans.
** Obama lied about Benghazi to win an election.
** Obama demonized law enforcement and supported a riot movement.

Barack Obama could not give a rat’s a$$ about conservatives.
He despises America.

But some candidates just don’t get the simmering rage of the American public.
Right to Rise USA, the super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, opened their latest ad with this Jeb quote:
“This president, with all due respect…”


Is it really a surprise that conservatives are not buying what Jeb Bush is peddling?

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