ISIS Terror Threat Spreads to Siberia

Russian authorities announced Islamic State fighters attempted an attack on a Siberian mosque.
siberia mosque

The attack was prevented by Russian officials.
ABNA reported, via Religion of Peace:

A Russian investigative body says the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group was involved in an attempted attack against a mosque in the country’s Siberia Province last year.

The militants had tried to attack a mosque in an unnamed Siberian town, said the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on Thursday.

The committee said it had completed the probe and submitted the case to a court.

There were no further details on how the attempted attack had been prevented.

The finding comes about two weeks after Russia launched its aerial campaign against Daesh militants.

Moscow aims to stop the advance of an alliance of militants, including al-Nusra terrorists, which controls Idlib and has tried to push into Hama and Latakia.

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