‘ISIS B*tches’: British Woman on London Bus Tells Off ‘Rude’ Muslim Invaders in Ugly, Epic Rant (Video)

The Muslim invasion of Europe is not going over well with some. A cellphone video taken on a London bus posted to YouTube on Thursday shows a Black British woman fed up with Muslim immigrants using ugly, profane, violent language to tell off Muslim women passengers on the bus for being ‘rude’ ‘Isis bitches’.

It is unknown what started the confrontation as the video picks up after the initial dispute.

Apparently the Black British woman is the only non-Muslim passenger on the London bus. Many of the Muslim women have young children with them and/or appear to be pregnant.

The video begins with the British woman seen objecting to being told to shut up by Muslim women on the opposite side of the bus aisle. She proceeds into a profanity-laced tirade. Only her side of the argument is discernible in the 4:58 video as her voice is the loudest.

Transcribed excerpts below.

“Make me shutup, f***ing bitch!…”

“Talk your f***ing language! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! F***ing ISIS bitches. Carry on laughing…”

“That’s why no one likes you, because you’re f***ing rude. You come to England then you have no f***ing manners. Go back to your f***ing country where you’re bombing everyday and go there…Don’t come here where we’re free…”

“F***ing sandbox bitches, ISIS bitches…Learn how to make a bomb on the Internet. F***ing bitches.”

The British woman then insults the Muslim women as “dirty whores” over the custom of some Muslim men of taking more than one wife.

Responding to a comment that cannot be discerned the British woman threatens to kick one of the Muslim women.

“You’re lucky you don’t go to jail…I will pull back this long leg and kick you in your stomach…You’re lucky I’don’t kick you in the uterus and you’ll never have a kid again. You stupid bitch. I’ll take this long leg and donkey kick you. This is the first time I’ve ever got to f***ing fight with someone in public.”

“You shouldn’t even be in this country. You’re lucky I don’t work for immigration I would run you out of the country.”

After three minutes the bus driver stops the bus, comes back and threatens to toss everyone off the bus if they don’t calm down. That works for a few seconds. The British woman stays quiet and pulls out a cellphone. She starts filming her antagonists as she walks to the front of the bus. One of the Muslim women follows her and grabs her by the arm, starting a new round of arguments in which the British woman repeatedly says, “Touch me again and I’ll punch you in the head!”…”You dirty sand rat!”

The video ends with the bus driver again threatening to throw everyone off the bus and the confrontation unresolved.

H/t Clash Daily.

UPDATE: The U.K. Daily Mail reported the British woman has been arrested.

“The Metropolitan Police last night (Friday) arrested a 36-year-old woman, from Willesden, for an alleged racially aggravated public order offence.

“She has been taken into custody at a North London police stations, while investigations continue.

Thanks, TGP commenter Nash Montana.

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