Is This Hilarious New TV Commercial Lampooning Obamacare Mascot PAJAMA BOY? (VIDEO)

Back in 2013, the Obama administration’s activist arm “Organizing for Action” released a promotional image for Obamacare which featured an adult man dressed in pajamas and drinking hot chocolate.

He was quickly mocked as Pajama Boy.

The negative reaction was so intense that it has its own Wikipedia entry.

Rich Lowry of National Review described Pajama Boy in an article for Politico as An Insufferable Man-Child and many people agreed that he represented the type of low information, basement dwelling, Obama supporting progressive who refused to grow up and move out of his parents’ home.

Flash forward to 2015.

Johnsonville Sausage has a new TV commercial which clearly reflects the same concept. The ad is funny because in the first 10 seconds you can plainly see the parents are trying to get rid of a man-child who refuses to leave.

The actor who plays the son even looks like a slightly older version of Pajama Boy.

Watch the video:

It’s unclear whether Johnsonville was making a direct reference to Pajama Boy but the similarities are unmistakable.

The idea of “an insufferable man-child” has clearly entered the mainstream, with hilarious results.

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