Iowa High School Bans 21 Gun Salute to Honor Veterans Because GUN VIOLENCE

Anti-gun panic among progressives has reached such an extreme level that even soldiers who have been trained to handle weapons are too dangerous to be around.

Mark Tapson reports at Truth Revolt:

High School Bans 21-Gun Salute Honoring Vets Because it ‘Promotes Gun Violence’

More anti-gun hysteria: Belle Plaine High School in Iowa will no longer honor veterans with a 21-gun salute in its annual Veteran’s Day assembly thanks to state gun laws, reports local station KWWL.

Veterans firing rifles at the school assembly has been a fun, safe tradition for as long as some students can remember. But even though the vets are firing blanks, and since all guns under any circumstances are viewed as being possessed by Satan now, the tradition has been nixed.

Post 39 Legioneers were already disappointed when the school announced the assembly would go on at a different location. One Legioneer offered school officials the use of his own yard across from the school for the assembly so the salute can continue.

Post 39 Legioneers believe that high schools across the state, and possibly even the country, may soon follow suit.

What a disrespectful way to treat our vets.



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