IMF Chief: If We Fail To Fight Climate Change We’ll All Be “Roasted”

2011 G-20 Presser

One similarity between dictators of the world and the preachers of the fiction that is man-made Climate Change is the fact that they both love to utilize one age old tactic: fear. Fear of death, of not having enough food, even of somehow forcing an entire planet to change it’s climate, the climate preachers are old hats at utilizing fear to force compliance with their agenda.

None are more familiar with this fear tactic than the International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief, Christine Lagarde. The Daily Astorian reports that on Wednesday, Chief Lagarde demonstrated her skillful use of fear by stating that if we fail to take action to stop Climate Change then we’ll all be fried, grilled, toasted, and roasted:

“LIMA, Peru (AP) — International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said Wednesday that failure to take urgent action on global warming will condemn humanity to the same fate as the Peruvian poultry that so many delegates to the group’s annual meeting are enjoying this week in a country famed for its cuisine.

“If we collectively chicken out of this we’ll all turn into chickens and we’ll all be fried, grilled, toasted and roasted,” said Lagarde.

Her comments came in a panel discussion involving World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, U.N. climate talks executive secretary Christiana Figueres and economist and climate expert Nicholas Stern.

Lagarde and Kim argued strongly for removing subsidies on fossil fuels that are worth more than $5 trillion a year and on the immediate need for carbon taxes so that the burning of fossil fuels can fund clean energy replacements.”

It seems the only detail Lagarde left out of her fear mongering rant was if we will all turn into original recipe, or extra crispy.


(Image: EU Observer)

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