Hispanic Trump Supporter Myriam Witcher: I Dreamed About Meeting Trump 3 Days Ago (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump spoke to another packed crowd in Las Vegas on Thursday.

The crowd was pretty fired up.

At the rally in Las Vegas Donald Trump discussed being on magazine covers.


‘I think I’m on 14 covers this week. I’m on more covers than any supermodel in history!”

He brought female supporter Myriam Witcher, from Colombia, on stage and signed her magazine.
The Trump supporter, Myriam Witcher, screamed:

“I’m Hispanic and I vote for Mr. Trump! We vote for Mr. Trump! Yes! Mr. Trump. We LOVE YOU! We LOVE YOU!”


Today on FOX News Myriam Witcher told Neil Cavuto she dreamed about meeting Donald Trump three days ago.

“I visualized myself one day shaking his hand and saying thank you… Those was my real feelings. Three nights ago, I have a dreams with Mr. Trump and I was shaking my hand with him.”

Myriam also said she talked her husband into supporting Donald Trump and she knocks on doors in her neighborhood for Trump.

Via Your World:

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