Hillary Clinton Says Dealing With the NRA is Like Negotiating With IRAN OR COMMUNISTS (VIDEO)

Has no one told Hillary that Obama is negotiating with Iran? You’ll also notice in the video below that she vows to enact gun control measures by executive action, then accuses gun owners of being paranoid about gun control.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Clinton Compares NRA to Iranians, Communists

During a town hall meeting at Cornell College in Iowa on Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton compared the National Rifle Association to Iranians and communists.

“You know, the NRA’s position reminds me of negotiating with the Iranians or the Communists,” she said. “You know, there’s no possible discussion and it’s for political purposes. You know, this is the way this works and it’s pretty cynical: the NRA tries to keep gun owners, the ones who are members, really upset all the time so they can keep collecting their money because they tell them they’re the only thing that’s going to stop the black helicopters from landing on the front yard and people’s guns being seized.”

“I mean, that’s basically the argument they make.”




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