Hillary Clinton Claims Mississippi State Flag IS A SYMBOL Of HATE

Hillary Clinton Speaks At Event At Center For American Progress

After the University of Ole Miss removed the Mississippi state flag from campus, Hillary Clinton just had to chime in and make it known that she agrees with the NAACP and leftists on campus.

The Hayride reports:

Naturally the social justice warriors over the Ole Miss College Democrats were at the forefront of the fight to take down the flag from the university’s campus. Because, you know, Democrats are soooo tolerant and all, which is why they want to tell the rest of us that we’re hateful for believing that a symbol of the South simply represents pride.

And now, Hillary Clinton is jumping on the politically correct bandwagon with the College Democrats. Clinton tweeted this out this week on Twitter: “Well done, Ole Miss. Symbols of hate have no business flying over a place of learning.”

Clinton’s probably forgetting that her husband, former President Bill Clinton (you know, the one who had oral sex with that chubby brunette White House intern), actually designed the Arkansas state flag after the Confederate flag.

But, that doesn’t matter because now, being politically correct with the academia grey-ponytail crowd will score her some political points with all the young rich, white liberal kids who feel horrible about being white.

And the saddest part is that Hillary Clinton will never be called-out for her hypocrisy on this.


Image: (Gastastic)

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