HILARIOUS: Bernie Sanders Accuses Republicans of BLAMING OBAMA FOR EVERYTHING

What’s the big deal, Bernie? Obama has been blaming George W. Bush for all of his problems since the day he was sworn in.

The Hill reports:

Sanders: GOP blames Obama for all their problems

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) on Saturday poked fun at Republicans for blaming all their problems on President Obama, suggesting they suffer from “amnesia” over George W. Bush’s presidency.

“In their world, every problem that you can possibly imagine is caused by Barack Obama,” Sanders quipped at a campaign rally in Boston. “If there is rain, if it’s too hot, if there’s a mosquito in the room, it is all Barack Obama.”

“But we really can’t gloat, because they suffer from a very serious amnesia problem,” Sanders continued. “A serious illness that seems to afflict Republican presidential candidates. They can’t help it, but they just cannot remember the way things were seven years ago.”

Yeah, things sure were awful seven years ago.


Everything is so much better now. The Middle East, the economy, jobs, race relations, etc. etc.

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