PAYBACK: School Faces Massive Federal Regulations After Withdrawing From Michelle O’s Lunch Program

Michelle eating

Londonderry High School in New Hampshire opted out of Michelle Obama’s school lunch program this year after it became evident that a large amount of food that complied with the program was being wasted.

The high school opted out but the elementary and middle schools are still in the program. Because the high school prepares meals for all schools in the district, the USDA is threatening to reclassify the high school as a food processing facility.

This classification carries with it a myriad of new regulation that could cause major problems for the district.


School superintendent Nathan Greenberg had this to say:

“Our whole goal was to provide nutritious lunches at the high school for our students, give them choice and limit the waste we saw last year.”

WMUR in New Hampshire has more:

School officials are currently reaching out to their elected representatives in an attempt to avoid the disastrous reclassification.

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