HERE WE GO: Head of Feminist Group Supporting Hillary Clinton Accuses Bernie Sanders of Sexism

Hillary and Bernie

Everyone knows Hillary and her supporters are going to play the gender card for offense and defense every single chance they get, even against her Democrat rivals.

Bernie Sanders gave Hillary Clinton a huge gift in the Democrat debate by dismissing her email scandal but that favor will never be repaid.

The New York Times reports:


Emily’s List Official Accuses Bernie Sanders Team of Sexism

Stephanie Schriock, the president of the group Emily’s List, which helps elect female candidates to public office, has seized on joking comments made by Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign manager about vetting Hillary Rodham Clinton for his vice-presidential nominee.

“Look, she’d make a great vice president,” the campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, said of Mrs. Clinton to John Heilemann of Bloomberg Politics. “We’re willing to give her more credit than Obama did. We’re willing to consider her for vice president. We’ll give her serious consideration. We’ll even interview her.”

On Wednesday, Ms. Schriock wrote on Twitter that the comments were a “Condescending insult by a team who knows better.”

“Hillary is possibly most qualified ever to run & Americans know it,” she wrote.

Mrs. Clinton has tweaked Mr. Sanders as suggesting that she was “shouting” about gun control, an accusation he vehemently denied and which riled up his aides.

Liberals will play the gender card for Hillary the exact same way they used the race card for Obama.


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