Hamas Releases Disgusting Video Showing Graphic Blow-by-Blow Stabbing Attack of Jerusalem Jews

The Hamas terror group released a promotional video showing the stabbing death of Jews in Old Jerusalem.

According to Elder of Zion the victims in the video were stereotypical Jews – one in Chassidic dress and the other wearing a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl.)

The video shows a Hamas fighter slicing the neck of a Jewish man on the street of Old Jerusalem.
neck jews

Another Jewish man is stabbed in his chest.
hamas chest jew

The video was released from Gaza telling Palestinians to kill Jews.

This video comes after two stabbing attacks on Saturday in Jerusalem.
Palestinian terrorist Mohannad Halabi stabbed two Israelis to death in Jerusalem. He also stabbed a mother and her two year-old baby before being shot to death. Another Palestinian terrorist stabbed a 15 year-old boy in Jerusalem before being gunned down by police.

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