Guess Which Presidential Candidate is Getting the MOST CEO DONATIONS

Hillary Clinton has demonized big business and Wall Street. She tries to out-left Bernie Sanders when the subject of banks comes up. But if any of that rhetoric is true, why is she getting more donations from CEOs than any other candidate?

CNBC reports:

More CEOs donate to Clinton than to any GOP candidate

The GOP is often considered the party of business — but it looks like the nation’s CEOs may not agree.

Hillary Clinton has received more donations from CEOs than any Republican candidate so far this year, according to a Big Crunch analysis of the last complete batch of individual Federal Election Commission records.

More than 760 people have given to Clinton’s campaign and identified their occupations as “CEO” or a variation of “chief executive” — that’s about as many CEO backers as Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz combined.

Will someone bring this up the next time Clinton vows to take on big business?

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