Guess Which Presidential Candidate Has Gotten the MOST CASH FROM DRUG COMPANIES

At the Democrat debate last week, Hillary Clinton claimed that one of her enemies is the pharmaceutical industry but that doesn’t make any sense because that industry has given more money to her than any other candidate.

The Hill reports:

Clinton tops 2016 field in drug industry donations

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has received more campaign cash from drug companies than any candidate in either party, even as she proudly declares the industry is one of her biggest enemies.

Clinton accepted $164,315 in the first six months of the campaign from drug companies, far more than the rest of the 2016 field, according to an analysis by Stat News.

Cash from drug companies poured in despite Clinton’s tough public stance on the industry. Last month, she unveiled a plan to combat rising drug prices by clamping down on the rules for pharmaceuticals. In last week’s Democratic debate, she listed off drug companies among the enemies she is most proud to have made in politics.
Clinton has taken a harder stance on drug companies than any other candidate besides Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who has also skewered “Big Pharma” as he seeks the Democratic nomination.

Will Hillary be asked about this in the next debate?

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