RAPE CULTURE: Liberals Won’t Vote for Martin O’Malley But They Will Fantasize About Him

martin o maley shirtless

Liberals have a weird obsession with sexualizing political candidates.

Before it was Obama and Bill Clinton. Now, it’s Martin O’Malley:

For many, it was their first time laying eyes on the 6’1″ former Governor of Maryland, who, let’s just say it, is a total DILF.

O’Malley might be polling in the single digits, but if the Internet is any indication, the support for his body is unanimous. Esquire even published an article “It’s Time to Discuss Martin O’Malley’s Shirtless Campaign Body.”

Yeah, a man who thinks illegal immigrants should receive free college tuition and healthcare is such a turn on.


Image: (PatriotRetort)

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