Grade School Boys Suspended for Staring at a Girl

boy staring
(Breitbart photo)

Two grade school boys were suspended recently for playing a staring game. They were staring at a girl. She was also staring back at the boys.
Reason reported:

Kids can get in trouble for smooching. They can get in trouble for touching. They can get in trouble for chewing, playing with toys, and making sugary snacks. They can get in trouble for waving their hands the wrong way (don’t even get me started on pencil-twirlers). And yes, they can even get in trouble for staring.

According to, the principal at St. Gabriel Consolidated School—a private institution—suspended a pair of 12-year-old boys for a day for playing a staring game with a female student:

Tolbert believes her son and another student at St. Gabriel were unfairly punished.

Tolbert said the boys got into a staring match with a female student last school year.

“He was playing a game with her. He said she was laughing. They were engaged. When she finally giggled and said stop. He stopped,” Tolbert said.

The female student was cited in court papers as saying she also stared at the boys.

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