GOOD NEWS! Popular Tea Party Leader Becky Gerritson Announces Run for Congress

Becky Gerritson from the Wetumpka Tea Party delivered a powerful and emotional testimony at the House Ways and Means committee hearing on IRS abuse inn June 2013.

Gerritson began crying at one point while describing how she was abused by her government.

Gerritson also told Congress that the IRS letter sent to her group was signed by Lois Lerner.

This will break your heart.

Gerritson did not let the criminal activity by the Obama administration shut her down. She continues to lead conservative efforts in Alabama.

gerritson becky irs

Today Becky Gerritson announced she is running for Congress.
She will challenge incumbant RINO Martha Roby for the right to represent Alabama’s Second Congressional District.

Wetumpka Tea Party President Becky Gerritson announced Thursday that she is mounting a challenge to incumbent Republican Martha Roby for the right to represent Alabama’s Second Congressional District in Washington. Gerritson, a conservative hero who garnered national attention with her bold testimony on the abuses of the IRS, has now set the stage for a campaign that will embody the Conservative Grassroots vs. DC Establishment battle being played out across the country.

“Since Day 1, Martha Roby has aligned herself with Establishment insiders and failed politicians,” said Gerritson. “We have waited for six years for her to vote and lead on the conservative principles she campaigned on, but we have yet to see her muster the courage to stand strong on the issues we care about.”

While Gerritson has been on the front lines of the conservative movement- battling the IRS and the Obama Administration, Roby has been one of the nation’s most liberal Republicans. A staunch Boehner ally, Roby has been the recipient of failing ratings from Heritage Action, Club for Growth, FreedomWorks, and others.

“I am unafraid to challenge the Establishment of both parties, and I am ready to be the voice for life, liberty, and the Constitution of the United States that our district has sorely lacked,” added Gerritson. “The nation I grew up in, that our Founders envisioned, and that people crossed oceans for, can still be realized again. But first, we must get rid of the DC insiders who have failed us.”

Recognized around the country as one of the leading conservative voices for freedom, Gerritson is focused on working with the grassroots to reach voters across the Second Congressional District.

“I have no doubt that the Establishment will work hard to protect one of their own,” said Gerritson. “But nothing is more powerful than concerned citizens willing to fight for their liberty. This district is not for sale, and the people will be heard on March 1st. I have faith in the grassroots, and I look forward to campaigning hard across the district.”

Gerritson and her husband Eric reside in Wetumpka, AL.

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